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What Our Customers are Saying

J&G provided flexibility in casting, script usage and script changes to accommodate my vision and the limitations of the venue.  Royalty fees are on a sliding scale including the estimated audience size and fees include a CD with all of the music and sound effects required for the production (Press Play).   Even their set requirements were minimal keeping production costs low.  I found the J&G staff very accommodating.  They reached out during the rehearsal period to make sure any problems were resolved easily and reasonably.   Permission, royalty and photo usage forms were provided quickly and in an easy-to-use format.

Ruth K. Brown

Director, The Everett Theatre

Maryland welcomed J&G Unlimited, LLC to our annual festival in 2014. J&G is a licensing company for their theatrical productions using their unique approach to music and sound effects called Press Play. Their willingness to do what is necessary to support local theatres is a god-send for those of us working in community theatre.

Cindy Johnson


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