The Irish Wake of Paddy O’Toole, A Comedy Play Perusal



A Comedic Play with Poignant Moments.  The idea of celebrating at an Irish wake takes on a new angle when Patty O’Toole shows up for his own wake.  Patty hears stories from fellow townspeople as he learns about himself and he considers moving on.


We always hear about “Rudolph THIS!” or “Rudolph THAT!” Just because Rudolph saved the day ONCE… Everybody tends to forget about the eight ORIGINAL reindeer.

Well? They’re not putting up with it anymore and DANCER is championing the cause. However, he may have taken things a bit too far. His mischief gets out of hand, and he manages to back himself into a corner.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that he takes everybody down with him. Especially Ralph, the Elf Manager. Because of all the chaos, Ralph accidentally clobbers Santa on the head. Santa winds out with amnesia and has no interest at all in climbing into a sleigh and delivering toys on Christmas Eve. Ralph, of course, thinks his career will be over as soon as Santa regains his memory and realizes what he’s done.

In the middle of it all, Santa starts calling Mrs. Claus, “Fee Fee,” and all SHE wants to do is go on a long overdue vacation.

And all of this is being absorbed with total confusion by the two new little elves working in Santa’s Workshop.

Will Christmas happen this year? Of course, it does! There’s ALWAYS a happy ending! And the Music is delightful.

Cast of Characters

    1. DANCER – The Reindeer
    2. RALPH – The Elf Manager. He’s a real curmudgeon. Always grumpy. Never Smiles.
    3. SANTA
    4. MRS. CLAUS – A sweet soul with a “Gracie Allen” type logic.
    5. LENNY – (LENORIOS) – Little girl Elf.
    6. STEVE – (STEVIONAL) – Little boy Elf.

Script Sample

Production Notes


SET: A Funeral Parlor in Ireland. There is a closed casket with a kneeling bench in front of it, and funeral flowers where desired. There is also a large picture of PADDY and his dog, GUINNESS, on an easel either next to the casket or positioned at the entrance with a second podium that has a “guest book” on it for the audience to sign in. On stage, there are two rows of seats and a podium for those who will be eulogizing. There is also a “window” for O’ROURKE to run to in the second Act.

The microphone at the podium should be on a “goose neck” microphone stand so as to allow the FUNERAL DIRECTOR to be able to spend time to adjust it. It would also be good if the flexible “goose neck” could make uncomfortable squeaking/groaning sounds as he moves it. It doesn’t have to be “live”.

“Suggested” seating diagram: (The two rows are positioned stage right of the podium and the seating is staggered to allow the actors to be seen clearly. The podium is just stage left of the chairs. The casket is positioned to far stage left with a “kneeling bench in front of it. The “window” is positioned stage right where O’ROURKE can get to it easily.


COSTUMES: Paddy is wearing a suit jacket with the back seam split most of the way up the back (Funeral Directors do this for ease of dressing the deceased.) He is wearing a white dress shirt and bright green tie. He is not wearing any pants. He is wearing boxer shorts with green shamrocks on them and bright green socks. He also wears a wool “newsboy hat”.

Except for the priest and the cop, all other costumes are “street dress”.

Connie is dressed in pants, a shirt, green suspenders, and a newsboy hat where she hides her money for gambling.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: For additional fun for the audience, they can be Informed in advance, through the advertising and box office sales, that they will be attending an Irish Wake and it is advisable for them to dress appropriately for the services out of respect for the fact that we are mourning the dearly departed.

Also, if possible, you may choose to allow the audience the ability to go up to the casket to say their “goodbyes”. The Funeral Director can stand at the door to invite the “attendees” to sign the “guest book” and then point them to the casket where they can say their good-byes before taking their seat.

Your Materials Package Includes:

    • 16 Scripts
    • 1 Piano/Vocal Score Book
    • 1 Press Play CD

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