Unthinkable! A Small Cast Supernatural Drama Play Perusal



A Powerful Drama.  This is the story of a family with a history steeped in the fire of war and the heartache of loss as they discover the importance of learning who they are by coming to know and understand who and where they came from…No matter how UNTHINKABLE it may be!


We always hear about “Rudolph THIS!” or “Rudolph THAT!” Just because Rudolph saved the day ONCE… Everybody tends to forget about the eight ORIGINAL reindeer.

Well? They’re not putting up with it anymore and DANCER is championing the cause. However, he may have taken things a bit too far. His mischief gets out of hand, and he manages to back himself into a corner.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that he takes everybody down with him. Especially Ralph, the Elf Manager. Because of all the chaos, Ralph accidentally clobbers Santa on the head. Santa winds out with amnesia and has no interest at all in climbing into a sleigh and delivering toys on Christmas Eve. Ralph, of course, thinks his career will be over as soon as Santa regains his memory and realizes what he’s done.

In the middle of it all, Santa starts calling Mrs. Claus, “Fee Fee,” and all SHE wants to do is go on a long overdue vacation.

And all of this is being absorbed with total confusion by the two new little elves working in Santa’s Workshop.

Will Christmas happen this year? Of course, it does! There’s ALWAYS a happy ending! And the Music is delightful.

Cast of Characters

    1. DANCER – The Reindeer
    2. RALPH – The Elf Manager. He’s a real curmudgeon. Always grumpy. Never Smiles.
    3. SANTA
    4. MRS. CLAUS – A sweet soul with a “Gracie Allen” type logic.
    5. LENNY – (LENORIOS) – Little girl Elf.
    6. STEVE – (STEVIONAL) – Little boy Elf.

Script Sample

Producer/Director Notes

Please feel free to call us any time. The Authors are happy to make themselves available to discuss any scenes or character portrayals as well as any problems that your theater may have with production of this work in your venue. We will be happy to make or approve any necessary changes that may be needed in order to make it possible to perform this work in your venue. All sound effects and scene change music will be provided on a PRESS PLAY CD.

Except for one time where there is a simple side set depicting the lawyer’s office, the entire play takes place using one set. In the center, there is the front of a plantation house with it’s big front porch. The door to enter the house is in the center. To porch stage right are two big comfortable wicker porch chairs where WESLEY and LOUISA sit. To porch stage left is a wicker settee for two people (closest to the door) where, for the most part, LOUISA and EDMUND sit, and a rocking chair where VIOLET usually sits. At ground level, stage right, there is a garden chair just off the porch to one side. At ground level, stage left, there is a small table flanked by two garden chairs off the porch (for a lemonade service). In the center (in front of the porch) is the statue of “Eve” in the front yard. The rest of the stage is made to show the plants and trees of the rural setting of an old southern Georgia plantation.

All but Eve and the Hessian Soldier (in uniform) are dressed in the 1950’s era. Eve is pale and all dressed in white, ankle-length, southern colonial dress. A white long-haired wig and white glittering make-up is suggested. She is a ghost.

Your Materials Package Includes:

    • 16 Scripts
    • 1 Piano/Vocal Score Book
    • 1 Press Play CD

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