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A Powerful Drama.  This is the story of a family with a history steeped in the fire of war and the heartache of loss as they discover the importance of learning who they are by coming to know and understand who and where they came from…No matter how UNTHINKABLE it may be!

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It’s July 31st, 1953 and, at the age of 85, Everett Hammond passes away. He dies a very wealthy man, in possession of the family’s ancestral home… Willowmere!

Having no children of his own, he leaves his entire estate to his niece, Violet and two nephews, Wesley and Edmund. With no particular interest in the property, their intent is to quickly sell off everything so they can take their new found fortunes and get back to their lives.

But, Uncle Everett has other plans. When the Will is read, they learn they will get nothing until certain terms are met. Most importantly, they may not sell Willowmere until they have a reading of the diary of their ancestor, Phillip Zachary Hammond, who built the Plantation in 1761.

And so they concede! As they delve into its words, they are drawn into the story of his life, filled with treasure, death and the American Revolution. They become fascinated with how the family managed to survive through it all. But, what intrigues them most is the common thread of the life and early death of Phillip’s daughter, Eve. And when they finally discover the gruesome way this innocent young girl died, they become consumed with grief and outrage over her loss.

Reaching the Journal’s climax on the anniversary of Eve’s death, they witness for themselves the collision of past and present when the spirit of Eve appears to all. The chilling events that follow drive Edmund’s wife, Celia, into a rage and all they can do is watch in total disbelief.

This is a story of a family with a history steeped in the fire of war and the heartache of loss as they discover the importance of learning who they are by coming to know and understand who and where they came from… no matter how UNTHINKABLE it may be.

Cast of Characters

They all speak with heavy southern drawls.

  1. WESLEY HAMMOND (45 yrs. old) – Portly, oldest brother to Violet and Edmund.
  2. VIOLET BEAUCHAMP (Pronounced Bow-shomp) (41 yrs. old) – Attractive, poised sister to Wesley and Edmund.
  3. EDMUND HAMMOND (38 yrs. old) – Handsome, well-built brother to Wesley and Violet.
  4. CELIA HAMMOND (36 yrs. old) – Pretty, lovely, sweet. Edmund’s wife.
  5. LOUISA HAMMOND (42 yrs. old) – Plain, but nice looking. Wesley’s wife.
  6. BERNARD BEAUCHAMP (Pronounced Bow-shomp) (41 yrs. old) & HESSIAN SOLDIER GHOST – Handsome “suede shoe boy” type. Violet’s husband. As the Hessian Soldier, he is dressed in Revolutionary War Hessian Soldier uniform with black gloves and a black stocking to cover (and hide) his head. He’s to be a nameless/faceless ghost.
  7. IDA MAE (68-70 yrs. old) – Crochety elderly housekeeper.
  8. CARSON UNDERHILL, ESQUIRE (65 yrs. old) – Old-time Southern Lawyer.
  9. EVE (14 yrs. old) – The ghost. Petite, lovely, very poised and feminine with long flowing hair. She is very pale and all dressed in white. (a dancer)

Script Sample

Producer/Director Notes

Please feel free to call us any time. The Authors are happy to make themselves available to discuss any scenes or character portrayals as well as any problems that your theater may have with production of this work in your venue. We will be happy to make or approve any necessary changes that may be needed in order to make it possible to perform this work in your venue. All sound effects and scene change music will be provided on a PRESS PLAY CD.

Except for one time where there is a simple side set depicting the lawyer’s office, the entire play takes place using one set. In the center, there is the front of a plantation house with it’s big front porch. The door to enter the house is in the center. To porch stage right are two big comfortable wicker porch chairs where WESLEY and LOUISA sit. To porch stage left is a wicker settee for two people (closest to the door) where, for the most part, LOUISA and EDMUND sit, and a rocking chair where VIOLET usually sits. At ground level, stage right, there is a garden chair just off the porch to one side. At ground level, stage left, there is a small table flanked by two garden chairs off the porch (for a lemonade service). In the center (in front of the porch) is the statue of “Eve” in the front yard. The rest of the stage is made to show the plants and trees of the rural setting of an old southern Georgia plantation.

All but Eve and the Hessian Soldier (in uniform) are dressed in the 1950’s era. Eve is pale and all dressed in white, ankle-length, southern colonial dress. A white long-haired wig and white glittering make-up is suggested. She is a ghost.

Materials Package

Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 17 Scripts
  • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects

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