The Freedom Ring, A Drama Historical Musical Licensed


The Declaration of Independence has just been signed and Philmore Fothergill makes a commitment to the fight, finding himself in the role of “Spy”. This is a historical piece told around fictional characters that include intrigue, danger, romance, and a little whimsy.  The Freedom Ring is a new look, from a different angle, at an epic tale of the start of The United States of America.

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The Declaration of Independence has just been signed, and Philmore Fothergill is more than aware of the serious times that are ahead.

He makes a strong commitment to fight for the cause of the Revolution, but the distraction of the beautiful Miss Millicent Galloway is almost more than he can handle. Millicent’s father is a member of the Loyalists and Philmore’s love for her puts him in grave danger.

Philmore finds himself in the role of “Spy”. In his position as gentleman in colonial society, it is quite easy for him to associate with the Loyalist gentry in order to learn what he can to pass along to General Washington. If it were not for his trusty friend, Elias Gusset, his efforts for the cause might never find success.

Their Spy Ring also includes some very industrious “Ladies” in the local Tavern as they assist in the theft of important documents and help to get them on their way to General Washington.

Some of the tale is told by Master Fothergill’s furniture. After all, THEY were THERE when it happened.

The story winds up in the Present where we find that the Fothergill home has been put on the National Registry of Historic Homes. Philmore’s story of heroism has been lost in time and his proud and loyal furniture is distraught at not being able to get his wonderful story told. This time it’s Elias’s ancestor, Melvin Gusset (Gus), who comes to the rescue. Because of his ancestry, and much to his shock, Melvin finds he can hear the furniture speak.

At last, the furniture is finally able to pass on Philmore Fothergill’s hidden diary which tells the whole story and in the process, Gus achieves a new-found pride in his ancestry.

Though fictional, this story is based on historical fact and the historic events have been carefully researched.

Cast of Characters


    1. HANK the Table (table) – (A formal, and distinguished gentleman’s voice.) A Chippendale style drop leaf table. Imported from England.
    2. MADAM CHAIR (chair) – (A proper woman’s voice) An 18th Century English style chair with upholstered back and seat and open wooden arms.
    3. GRANDFATHER CLOCK (A formal man’s voice. A bit haughty.) An 18th Century Grandfather Clock made by David Rittenhouse of Philadelphia.
    4. FRENCH PEDESTAL (A Sensual French Woman) An ornate French pedestal.
    5. MING VASE (Sits On Pedestal) (A comedic male with a severe Chinese accent. Easily excitable.) Blue and White Oriental vase with a large opening on the top. Must be wide enough and tall enough to hide Elias’s and Gus’s bottles.

    1. MASTER PHILMORE FOTHERGILL – (Late 20’s) Handsome, quick thinking, well dressed gentleman.
    2. ELIAS GUSSET (Philmore Fothergill’s best friend) (Late 20’s) – A bit disheveled who appears to bungle every task he is given, but, in fact, performs quite well. A plain man. Tries to fit into a gentleman’s lifestyle, but constantly shows that he is from a much lower station in life.
    3. HUMPHREY BINGHAM – (mid 30’s) – Male. A colonial commoner, but well mannered, educated, and well informed.
    4. OTIS CARLYLE – (mid 30’s) – Male. A colonial commoner, but well mannered, educated, and well informed.
    5. GEOFFREY GRANDHOLME – (late 40’s) Male. A pompous, nose-in-the-air British Loyalist.
    6. RANDOLPH MELLVILLE – (late 40’s) Male. A haughty and self-impressed British Loyalist.
    7. ISAAC WHARTON – (mid 40’s) – Merchant, Importer, Land Owner.
    8. MARGARET WHARTON – (late 30’s) – Isaac Wharton’s wife. (Played by one of the Chorus members)
    9. MISS MILLICENT GALLOWAY – (Early 20’s) Lovely, attractive, well dressed young lady with a kind and gentle demeanor.
    10. MR. JOSEPH GALLOWAY – (Late 50’s) Millicent’s Father (a loyalist). An attractive formal elder gentleman.
    11. MELVIN GUSSET “GUS” – Modern day janitor in the historic home of Philmore Fothergill. Played by the same person that plays ELIAS GUSSET.
    12. TOUR GUIDE – (mid 40’s – early 50’s) Self-impressed bookworm type woman. (Played by one of the Chorus members)
    13. ADMINISTRATOR – (mature male) – Well educated, well dressed. (Played by one of the Chorus members)
      CHORUS (7 total): (3 Female, 4 Male)


They Signed It:

Busy Busy Hands:


In Service To The Crown:

And Suddenly This Face:

New Direction:

We Love The Ladies:


A Daughter’s Love:

We Were There:

Hey World Wait and See:

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