Laime Inventions, A Vernian Comedy Play Licensed


A Comedic Play.  In 1910, Ogden Laime wants to be an inventor just like his idol, Jules Verne.  Although he tries and tries, will Ogden ever be able to break away from the shadow of Verne and invent on his own?

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Laime Inventions is a tender story about family love with a lot of wacky insanity thrown in making this story a hybrid of Drama and Comedy. We’re calling it a “Dramady”.

In it, we meet the family of the wealthy retired entrepreneur, Efrem Davenport. It is the turn of the 20th Century with all its charm and politeness. It is also a time when people were restricted by convention and propriety. As a result, we find Efrem unable to cross over the proper “stations” in life and publicly declare his love for the woman who has been his housekeeper since his wife’s death. We also meet his daughter, Lavinia, who is trapped in a loveless marriage with Ogden Laime, a self-centered, greedy man, who only married her for her father’s money.

It’s 1910 and turn-of-the-century America is exploding with new energy. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, a new social order rises, powered by gasoline, electricity and brilliant minds. In this Gilded Age, the entrepreneur inventor is king and massive tax-free fortunes are made almost overnight.

Wannabe inventor Ogden Laime wants a piece of that history for himself, and this pompous personality won’t allow small obstacles like his lack of imagination, talent, or business savvy to get in his way. He idolizes the creative mind of Jules Verne and fancies himself to be just like him.

A series of completely avoidable comedic mishaps and industrial accidents, caused by Ogden’s gross incompetence, including an accidental city-wide food poison epidemic, are the steady products of Laime Inventions. And somehow, the Mayor seems to always be caught in the cross hairs.

Finally, Ogden fires an underappreciated genius whose inventions just aren’t “big” enough for his over-inflated ego. Only months later, he finds this inventor making a fortune with these “tiny” ideas causing Laime to have a complete mental breakdown and bringing Laime Inventions to an explosive conclusion.

Cast of Characters

  1. EFREM DAVENPORT – (late 50’s) Distinguished, handsome gentleman. Lavinia’s father.
  2. OGDEN LAIME (mid 30’s) – Stuffy businessman.
  3. LAVINIA LAIME – (early 30’s) Wife of Ogden Laime. Beautiful and poised.
  4. NEVILLE LAWBENDER – (mid 30’s) Attractive, well-dressed Attorney.
  5. OTTO DIGBY – (Mid 40’s) Bookkeeper and brother-in-law to Percival Good.
  6. PERCIVAL GOOD – (early 40’s) Attractive man. Inventor/employee.
  7. ARCHIBALD PETER – (mid 40’s) A bit portly and disheveled. Inventor/employee.
  8. GAYLORD PINKUS – (mid 40’s) A gangly, dopey looking man. Inventor/employee.
  9. HENRIETTA CARUTHERS – (mid 30’s) Attractive Secretary to Ogden Laime.
  10. CLARA – (early 50’s) Maid/Cook. An attractive, dignified, well-kept woman.
  11. NIGEL LAIME – Adorable 8-year-old son of Ogden and Lavinia.
  12. TRUDY LAIME – Sweet and petite 10-year-old daughter of Ogden and Lavinia.

Script Sample

Production Notes

TIME: 1910, the Industrial Revolution.

PLACE: Boston Massachusetts.


The home of Efram Davenport & the Offices of Laime Inventions.
The entire play revolves around a single table. When in the home of Efram Davenport, it is covered with a tablecloth and is the dining room table. When at the offices of Laime Inventions, it is the conference room table, and the tablecloth is removed.

NOTE: Please feel free to call J&G UNLIMITED, LLC if you require any alterations to the script in order to accommodate your venue, or any other questions or unusual requirements you may have. We will be happy to put you in touch with the author and they will be more than happy to help.

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