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A Musical Comedy.  Media drives the politics of Presidential Elections!  Wait…not so fast!  Ethel Rupert emerges on the scene with her “rose colored glasses” firmly in place and…the voting public LISTENS!  The biggest surprise comes at the campaign end when the votes are counted!


FINALLY! We NOW know the truth about the origin of Mankind! It all began in a Petri Dish at the Genome Observation Department!… WHO KNEW?

THAT’S RIGHT! It seems that, per the “Boss’s” instructions, an experiment was conducted that yielded a split result. The Subject divided into a positive and negative of itself, requiring careful introduction to each other in order for the experiment to continue. Relabeled “Man” and “Woman”, the subject matter was
poured into a Petri Dish and the experiment observation was begun.

We see the differences in the two “Subjects” as we follow them through their introduction, their growth in getting acquainted, their ultimate joining, and, of course, procreation. (The procreation part got a little ugly at the actual moment of birth, but, luckily, they survived it.)

Unfortunately, the whole thing was supervised by two rather unorthodox Lab Technicians, one of whom is a severe hypochondriac and worries constantly. Against explicit instructions, the Lab Techs can’t help tampering. They really should have left well enough alone, but they felt so bad because “Man” seemed to be at a definite disadvantage in several situations.

In the end, the two “Subjects” grow to maturity and have to acknowledge that, even through the rough spots, the whole thing was quite worth it because, in fact, they grew to love each other very much.

This is a touching and funny play that involves only four cast members. The set is simple and the message is a happy one. Everyone in the audience will be able to relate to what they watch unfold on the stage before their eyes.

Cast of Characters

  1. LAB TECH #1: (MALE or FEMALE) Nerdy type. Wears a lab coat and constantly writes things down on his clip board. Is a tedious record keeper and very nervous and unsure. As a result, s/he is a hypochondriac.
  2. LAB TECH #2: (MALE or FEMALE) More of a “Regular Guy/Gal”. Wears a lab coat. Works a little more “Off the cuff”. Messy.
  3. MAN: Handsome, well-built young man wearing a full black body suit.
  4. WOMAN: Beautiful, well-built young woman wearing a full black body suit.

Script Sample


I’m In It for the People:

I’m A Woman:

I Won’t Feel Wrong (Tango):

The Waltz of Words:

Secret Service:

Does Anybody know What City We’re In:

He Didn’t Really Mean What He Said (Carbondale):

He Didn’t Really Mean What He Said (Wainright):

I Think This and You Think That:


How Do We Phrase The Question:

Leave Me Alone:

She’s In It for the People:

Director’s Notes

HUH? is one of our “FLEXICAST FRIENDLY” Musicals. The cast size is noted to be 26 cast members, but it has been done with only 17 people (some doing multiple roles). The cast size can also be increased by adding members to the Chorus for many of the singing and dance numbers. (At Director’s discretion).

Your “Materials Package” will include all the scripts you will need, a “PIANO VOCAL SCORE BOOK”, as well as a demo CD and a “PRESS PLAY” CD which includes all the music and/or sound effects you will need to perform the work. This CD can be used to rehearse with and even to perform with. Your scripts contain the notations for using the “PRESS PLAY” CD system. It’s incredibly easy! “PRESS PLAY” allows theaters that have previously been unable to perform musicals to finally enjoy doing so.

The full orchestra scores are also available for those theaters who wish to perform the music in all its glory. We encourage you to feel free to call us any time and talk to the authors/composers about any concerns, required changes, or anything else. We’re always here to help and happy to hear from you.

We will also gladly provide the HUH? Artwork upon request in whatever format you may need it. There is no charge for the artwork.

Production Notes

TIME: Present Day

PLACE: United States of America
*Note, if you are in another country, you can insert your country as the place and change “America” to your country in the song, “Only In America”.



Scene 1 – Stage split into two, depicting two distinctly different geographical locations. Podiums with forward space for the crowd gathered to see” their candidate.”
Scene 2 – Hallway outside the office of the Head of the Newsroom, a.k.a. “The Boss.”
Scene 3 – A City Park with two park benches.
Scene 4 – An Auditorium set up for a Presidential Debate with open floor space at stage front for waltz number.
Scene 5 – Secret Service/Carbondale’s Hotel Suite, preceding Carbondale’s arrival.


Scene 1 – Carbondale’s Hotel Suite.
Scene 2 – Wainright’s Hotel Suite.
Scene 3 – A Sunday Morning Talk Show Set at Station, CUNL.
Scene 4 – A public ladies’ room at the TV station, after the Sunday morning show.
Scene 5 – A stage full of dancers. Background there are desks with telephones, computers and stacked paperwork. In the foreground are long, tall dancing poles wrapped with red, white and blue stripes spiraling down to the floor (like a barber pole).
Scene 6 – Front of a polling station on election day.
Scene 7 – Stage divided in half. Each side represents each candidate’s party rooms with podiums obviously anticipating victory speeches.
STAGING: Included within script where necessary.


Street Dress.

Materials Package

Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 12 Scripts
  • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects

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