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A Powerful Drama.  Miguel Gutierrez, grandson of the Patrone and owner of the island, Herencia, is called home by his grandfather, to discover that his life is in grave danger and the accidental death of his parents when he was a young boy, was no accident!  Herencia means “Inheritance” and Miguel always knew that one day the island would be passed on to him, that he would become Patrone, but he never figured it would be so soon.  With the announcement of his engagement to childhood sweetheart Naya, a descendant of the island’s slaves, he finds himself Patrone and working to uncover the decades-old murder mystery before it is too late.

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TIME: The present.
PLACE: A fictitious Island in the Caribbean named “HERENCIA”. It is the Spanish word for “INHERITANCE”.

Miguel Gutierrez is living in the United States when he is suddenly called back to his Island home of “Herencia”.

He assumes that it has something to do with the health of his beloved 96 year old Grandfather. He is totally surprised, however, when his Grandfather greets him, in good health, and instead informs him that it has recently been found out that his parent’s death, when he was just a boy, was in fact murder and now Miguel himself is in danger.

It seems there are still deep seated bitter feelings over the island’s history which began under slavery and the evil Kofi Luma decides to make use of these tensions to promote his own agenda as he takes his son, Vega, down his dark path with him. His goal is to take control of the island and to do so he must assassinate Miguel before he can produce an heir.

But, Miguel reveals his own surprise when he announces that he is planning to marry the beautiful Naya, herself a descendant of the island’s slaves. And the whole thing is being watched over by the ghost of the island’s ancestor, Pedro Gutierrez himself.

As the controversy continues to unfold, there are intermittent scenes that have different characters playing out both sides of the conflict as if in the mental combat of a chess game.

The arguments are made, raw feelings are laid out and cruel secrets are revealed in the process as the real truth about Kofi Luma finally rises to the surface.

Cast of Characters

  1. PEDRO GUITIERREZ – The ghost of an elderly Spanish nobleman.
  2. JUAN RUIZ GUTIERREZ – (96 years old) (Spanish accent) Descendant of Pedro Gutierrez and Grandfather of Miguel. A dignified elder gentleman of Spanish decent. Walks with a cane.
  3. MIGUEL GUTIERREZ – (early 30’s) – (American accent) Handsome Young Man of Spanish descent.
  4. DANTE – (early 50’s) – (More proper Island accent showing good breeding for his position of Plantation Manager). Well Groomed Black Man. Naya’s father.
  5. NAYA – (mid 20’s) – (American accent) Incredibly Beautiful young Black Woman. Daughter of Dante. Educated in the US.
  6. MAMA LENA – (early 70’s) – (Heavy, earthy island accent) Heavy set Black Woman. The jovial Grandmother of Naya.
  7. GOTU – (early 50’s) (American accent) White man. An unkempt businessman type. Wears a badly fitted summer suit, a tie and a straw fedora.
  8. KOFI LUMA – (early 50’s) – (Island accent) Black man. Father of Vega Luma. A sinister demeanor.
  9. VEGA LUMA – (early 30’s) – (Island accent) Handsome young black Man. Son of Kofi Luma. Haughty, strong arm type.
  10. LORNA – (late 40’s) – (American accent) Attractive white woman. Barmaid and waitress. Was once a beauty, but now she’s showing her age.
  11. CALVIN – (early 50’s) – (Heavy, earthy island accent) Jovial black man. – Owner and bartender of “The Lazy Day Bar and Grille”.
  12. JAVEL – (late teens/early 20’s) – (Heavy, earthy island accent) Pleasant, happy young black man. House servant at Gutierrez home.
  13. BODY GUARDS #1 & #2 – (early 30’s) Two big strong men. Can be either black, white or one of each. (Director’s discretion)

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