Something’s Fishy OR Who Murdered Muriel? A Comedy Murder Mystery Play Licensed


A Comedic Play, Murder Mystery.  Solving the problem of world hunger should be a good thing, right?  Not for Dr. Lucy Marshall who has to fight her competitors, diamond thieves and even deadly harm to her test fish, Muriel.

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Dr. Lucy Marshall has developed a food for fish that causes them to grow to an enormous size with the goal of, one day, solving world hunger. Her test subject is a fish that she names Muriel. She has the full backing of the company she works for (Aquatic Scientifics) and they are well into trials and studies to make sure the results provide a safe and healthy result. They stand to make billions.

Their competitor, Walter Kelp of Nautical Foods, wants to bring it to a halt. He enlists the help of a greedy real estate broker named Louise Smurge, who enlists the help of a “Save the Animals” Society and they each go to work to serve their own agendas.

While all this is going on, there is a major diamond theft on the other side of town involving Bud, the janitor at Aquatic Scientifics, who happens to also be a book maker for whatever you care to make a wager on. Dr. Marshall’s Lab Assistant, Will, has been making use of Bud’s services and has run up a rather large gambling debt in the process, so Bud enlists his help to hide the diamonds as a way of getting his debts expunged.

There is a break in at the Lab and the next morning Muriel is found dead, floating at the top of her fish tank.

Who could have done such a thing?

Was it her boss?
(The fish was insured for fifty million dollars.)

Was it the competitor?
(If the fish dies during the trials, it stands to shut the whole thing down.)

Was it the real estate broker?
(That fish is standing in the way of selling the building and making a huge profit.) But…She turns up dead too! (Uh Oh!)

Was it the head of the animal rights organization?
(Doesn’t seem right, does it? But…Who knows?)

Did Bud and Will accidentally do it when they decided to hide the diamonds in the fish tank?
(What were they thinking?)

Find out as the case is solved by two detectives, with the reluctant help of the city coroner. (She doesn’t do fish).

Oh yes! And the insurance company sends a veterinary coroner to keep an eye on things and protect their interests too… What next?

Cast of Characters

    1. DR. LUCY MARSHALL – (Mid 30’s) (Science researcher) Attractive, studious. Wears a lab coat over her clothes.
    2. WILL EMERILL – (Mid to late 30’s) (Lab Assistant) Attractive, naive. Also wears a lab coat over his clothes.
    3. CARL RICHTER – (Mid to late 50’s) (President of Aquatic Scientifics) Formal businessman.
    4. LOUISE SMURGE – (Early 50’s) (Realtor) Mature and fastidious. Appears rigid and greedy.
    5. WALTER KELP – (Mid to late 50’s) (President of Nautical Foods) Suede shoe boy type.
    6. INEZ LEAFLITTLE – Head of “SLOP”. (Save Life On our Planet) At Director’s discretion, could fit into any age bracket.
    7. BUD WALSH – (Mid 50’s) (Janitor) – Blue collar type.
    8. DETECTIVE FRANK DiMARCO – (Early 50’s) (Lead Homicide Detective) Typical overweight Italian detective type.
    9. DETECTIVE JOYCE BLOOM – (Late 30’s) (Homicide Detective) – Attractive but dresses a bit more masculine in keeping with her status as a detective. Tough as nails.
    10. DR. LILAH STERN – (Early 50’s) (Coroner) Good looking and intelligent. Not at all affected by anyone in authority. Comfortable in her own skin. After all the things she’s seen, she prefers to not take things too seriously. Whimsical. She loves to tease and make light of the situation.
    11. DR. PHILLIP STURGEON – (Late 50’s) (Veterinary Coroner) – Nice looking and dresses well but, maintains a serious and studious demeanor. Overly professional.

Script Sample

Production Notes

This is an extremely easy show to put on. The sets are on stage in separate areas so there is no need for any set changes. The only thing that needs attention at change of scene is props.

If there are any questions, you need to discuss authors intent, or if there is the need for any changes due to venue restrictions, please feel free to contact the authors at (215) 345-5550. They will be glad to help and/or give authorization for those needed changes.


Modern day street dress and two lab coats.


The set for Aquatic Scientifics is Upstage Center. (See script for description)

The Real Estate Office is depicted Downstage at Stage Right with a simple desk, executive chair and guest chair. There is a sign that says “Smurge Real Estate”.

Miscellaneous occurrences happen Downstage at Stage Left and Center, with implied locations only.


Consult the script for all needed props.

Your Materials Package Includes:

    • 17 Scripts
    • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects

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