Russell and the Troll, A Small Cast Comedy Play Licensed


A Play from the Children’s Series.  Conrad is usually just a bully.  One day he crosses the wrong person, and his day goes from bad to much worse.  After learning a valuable lesson, Conrad still needs his new friend (?), Russell, to save him from angry townspeople!

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Russell lives on his family’s farm with his friends Winnie (the horse), Arthur (the pig) and Lilah (the chicken). Every day when he returns home from school he tells his friends about his encounters with Conrad, the school bully. Lilah gives vent to the fact that, although there is no excuse for bad behavior, there is always a reason why someone decides to behave so badly and often it is a reaction to experiences they have had in the past.

One day, Conrad decides to go out into the woods to try to capture a troublesome fox and he falls into a big hole and lands in a deep, dark cave. Inside the cave, Conrad meets the Cave Goddess who warns him that he is now in her world where she demands respect. However, he continues to exercise his bad behavior and the Cave Goddess finally turns Conrad into a Troll. The spell she casts includes the rule that he is not permitted to tell anyone who he is or he will be condemned to live the rest of his life under this spell. The only way that the spell can be broken is if he finally learns how to show kindness and build friendships.

During the search for Conrad, the town discovers the “Troll” living in the caves and everyone is instructed to avoid the caves at all cost. Russell, on the other hand, is convinced that the Troll knows where Conrad is and, remembering Lilah’s words, he finally decides that it is just the “right thing to do” to find Conrad and bring him home. He finally abandons all fear and goes into the cave to confront the Troll and, ultimately, Winnie, Arthur and Lilah decide to go after him to lend support.

While arguing with the Troll, the Cave Goddess appears and haughtily tells Russell that she knows exactly where Conrad is. Russell takes a stand and tells the Cave Goddess that Conrad is his friend and she must turn him over immediately.

The moment the “Troll” hears Russell declare himself to be his friend, he is moved to defend him against the Cave Goddess and he stands between Russell and the Cave Goddess and insists that she not harm Russell or the others because they are all his friends.

Upon hearing the “Troll” show the kindness toward Russell and declare his friendship, the Cave Goddess reveals her gentle side and releases Conrad from the spell and returns him to his former self.

This play is intended to help young audiences examine the problem of bullying and look at its causes, reasons for happening, and the fact that it is an undesirable path to chose.

Cast of Characters

  1. RUSSELL: (Between 10 and 12 years of age) A sweet and thoughtful farm boy.
  2. CONRAD: (Between 10 and 12 years of age) An arrogant bully.
  3. TROLL
  4. WINNIE: A horse (two people)
  5. ARTHUR: A pig
  6. LILAH: A neurotic chicken
  7. CAVE GODDESS: A beautiful young woman dressed glamorously in black dress and headdress, with touches of gold and silver sparkles.

Script Sample

Production/Director Notes

This play can be done with simple sets or, if the budget allows, the theater can make the sets much more involved.

Costumes are minimal and the Cast can be played by a combination of children and adults, or they can be all children, depending on your theater’s objectives.

The Authors are available for consultation with regard to any difficulties in performing due to venue problems, or if there is any need for script adjustment in order for your group to be able to be able to perform the work. Simply call us, and we will be glad to help wherever we can.

Materials Package:

Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 13 Scripts
  • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects

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