Methacton Performs The Irish Wake of Patty O’Toole

Methacton Performs The Irish Wake of Patty O’Toole

What an amazing performance by Methacton Community Theatre who put the Sapperstein & Murway comedy, The Irish Wake of Patty O’Toole on stage from March 6 through 16.

Stage Magazine wrote their performance up, two times, found here:

“Sapperstein and Murway have written a fun filled evening of Irish themed humor.  The cast is having a ball and it radiates to the audience,” — Arnie Finkle, Stage Magazine.

Patty O’Toole has passed on and the town gathers at his wake to mourn and remember this mischievous trouble maker and his leprechaun inclusive events when it seems, Patty’s not done creating mischief.  He shows up at his own wake rather than wait in line at the pearly gates for his turn at his interview.

Check out “The Irish Wake of Patty O’Tool” in our catalog by clicking here.


TANYS – Community Theatre Excellence

TANYS – Community Theatre Excellence

tanys-logoWell, here we are driving home from the TANYS Festival of 2013 with smiles on our faces, great memories from an amazing event, and a plethora of fabulous new friends and acquaintances.

Although our intention was to introduce the plays and musicals we represent to the New York Community Theatre market, we wound out accomplishing so much more!  The people of TANYS (The Theatre Association of New York State) were warm, welcoming and genuine to the core, while being wrapped up in a thick blanket of creativity, talent and presence!

We had so much fun getting to know the amazing actors, directors, producers, members and friends of TANYS while sharing our stories and music and watching the playful arguments of “no you can’t do that one, I want to put that one on,” (ANN)  it was truly heart warming and endearing.

Thank you from all of us at J&G to every single person of TANYS for reminding us just what it means to be a part of the amazing world of Community Theatre — people, relationships and a dedication to the craft and storytelling excellence!  As I said in my short speech given while awarding the raffled free show, “You are what Community Theatre is all about, you, the people in this room and others like you around the country, make Community Theatre possible!”

Even the meetings and events were entertaining with the great humor and anecdotes from speakers like Rob, and 2013 TANYS President Bob Frame.  To open the Festival’s closing board meeting, Festival President, “Big Rob” Sharman introduced the drawing of the J&G Free Show Raffle.  The amazing and talented Elisa Hunt of Auburn Players won the Raffle and the room oo’d and ah’d when we described in detail just what she’d walked away from the event with … one free J&G production of her choosing, up to 6 shows, and it includes all materials and even printed posters.

We will release a short interview with Elisa soon where she announced her selection of our musical, Bloomin which should be on stage under her skilled direction in August of 2014.  Be sure to check back with us here for updates and to visit TANYS’ site to learn about the TANYS performance winners who are now moving up to ESTA!

See you all in Maryland in January 2014 where J&G will be giving away ANOTHER free show,  all materials included, of up to 6 performances!

J&G Gypsies Perform Friends in High Places, Final Approach

J&G Gypsies Perform Friends in High Places, Final Approach

Sheboygan Falls WI: The J&G Gypsies are once again on stage at the Final Approach Dinner Theatre in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin, performing the Sapperstein & Murway comedy, “Friends in High Places.”

Directed by Sheboygan’s own Ralph Maffongelli, aliens from the planet Quirdmut land on the Mall in Washington DC seeking our help, but wind out having to deal with our corrupt politicians to get it solved.

“This is a funny play that’s great for the whole family,” shared Ralph Maffongelli.  “We welcome to the stage in starring roles, Randy Stache as President Arnot Thinkinear; Chris Fontaine as Powers Wayning; and Mike Roehl as General Geroge S. Trojan.”

Returning to the Final Approach stage with the J&G Gypsies is Susan Chambers Johnson as the alien Foit, Kevin Horne as the news reporter Chase Storyman and Tamara Richelle Pool as reporter Lilac Hellowitz.  Joining them is Randall Stache as President Arnot Thinkineer, Ben Johnson as the alien Gnudt, Jim Johnson as the alien Loodigun, Danielle Rammer as Lola Clematis, Clarke R. Krist as Shelby Dunn and Pat Forkner as Sunny Day.  Costuming and set design by Tony Olson.

Friends in High Places is on stage April 27th, 28th, 29th & then gain May 3rd, 4th & 5th.  Tickets are on sale now with good seats still available, with a Matinee performance on April 29th. Enjoy dinner with your show, or just come for the show only.

The aliens from the Planet Quirdmut will be available after the show for photography with the audience.  Also available after the show is an audio CD of the journey of our politicians to the planet Quirdmut to build intergalactic diplomatic relations.

Call 1-855-345-5550 (toll free) for tickets and information.  Box Office is open until 9pm.

The J&G Gypsies, led by Ralph Maffongelli, is a wholly owned subsidiary of J&G Unlimited, LLC a theatrical licensing firm representing the writing and composing team of Judith Sapperstein & Gary Murway.  For additional information, please visit the J&G website at, or for the Gypsy show schedule.

The Final Approach Restaurant serves fine dining at a reasonable price.  The food is exceptional and the menu is expansive, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In addition to their restaurant, they have a Banquet Facility that can handle up to 650 people for weddings, parties, events, conventions and more.  To learn more, please visit

Tracy Byrne, VP, CMO

AACT members, save 25 percent off materials costs

AACT members, save 25 percent off materials costs

AACT Name with Logo TransparentJ&G Unlimited has always been strongly committed to furthering the theatrical community and the quality and diversity of the works they have available to perform.  Our objective is not to just license a play to you … no.  We want to build a long-term relationship with you and your theatre, one that will benefit us both and help further our goals of great theatre everywhere.

Because of the like-minded commitment of the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) to our own, and both organizations’ desire to help theatres in every way possible, J&G now offers an exclusive deal for members of the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT).

License any of our works and save 25% off the total cost of materials.  Add to that the fact that, with J&G, you ALWAYS keep the materials … well, you save on shipping costs as well.

Childrens Theatre by Adults

It is really wonderful to see how “Children’s Theatre” has taken off.  I don’t mean children “performing” theatre.  I’m talking about professional adults creating professional performances and taking them TO the children.  New theatre product is being created and performed in schools and theatres for the benefit of exposing children to the wonders of live theatre very early in their lives.

Advancements in costuming and puppetry has made for an instant lure to the inventive and imaginative minds of children everywhere.  There are more Children’s Theatre Groups popping up all over.  Some are associated with a particular theatre and others are independents…ready to travel and perform in a variety of different locations.

In this world of television cartoon characters shooting and blowing everything, including themselves, up … as well as the frightening and sinister super villains that are ready to spew fire and pound the bad guys into the ground with their super human powers, it is good to see a venue evolving that gives our children at least a fighting chance of experiencing wholesome, pleasant adventures through the magical ride that is live theatre.

That is precisely why we created BLOOMIN™.  We wanted to put something out there for theatres to perform, that lets children laugh with fascination, while adults can laugh at the double entendre and not be bored as they might with a live expo of say … Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney.  We really wanted to promote a positive message for children to grow up with and adults to enjoy.  BLOOMIN is deliberately exposing children to the joys of live theatre and music as well as concepts such as gardening being fascinating, fun and productive (very green).

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back in time where the old carefree and easy musicals of the early days of theatre might become the new fangled kid on the block in today’s theatrical industry, such as we’ve tried to do with BLOOMIN.  There’s truly something for everyone. Each piece of music is a different genre so that NO ONE will be disappointed.

So what is your theatrical group doing in the sub-set of Children’s Theatre?  What do you look for when you look around for something new to show your young audiences?

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