TANYS – Community Theatre Excellence

TANYS – Community Theatre Excellence

tanys-logoWell, here we are driving home from the TANYS Festival of 2013 with smiles on our faces, great memories from an amazing event, and a plethora of fabulous new friends and acquaintances.

Although our intention was to introduce the plays and musicals we represent to the New York Community Theatre market, we wound out accomplishing so much more!  The people of TANYS (The Theatre Association of New York State) were warm, welcoming and genuine to the core, while being wrapped up in a thick blanket of creativity, talent and presence!

We had so much fun getting to know the amazing actors, directors, producers, members and friends of TANYS while sharing our stories and music and watching the playful arguments of “no you can’t do that one, I want to put that one on,” (ANN)  it was truly heart warming and endearing.

Thank you from all of us at J&G to every single person of TANYS for reminding us just what it means to be a part of the amazing world of Community Theatre — people, relationships and a dedication to the craft and storytelling excellence!  As I said in my short speech given while awarding the raffled free show, “You are what Community Theatre is all about, you, the people in this room and others like you around the country, make Community Theatre possible!”

Even the meetings and events were entertaining with the great humor and anecdotes from speakers like Rob, and 2013 TANYS President Bob Frame.  To open the Festival’s closing board meeting, Festival President, “Big Rob” Sharman introduced the drawing of the J&G Free Show Raffle.  The amazing and talented Elisa Hunt of Auburn Players won the Raffle and the room oo’d and ah’d when we described in detail just what she’d walked away from the event with … one free J&G production of her choosing, up to 6 shows, and it includes all materials and even printed posters.

We will release a short interview with Elisa soon where she announced her selection of our musical, Bloomin which should be on stage under her skilled direction in August of 2014.  Be sure to check back with us here for updates and to visit TANYS’ site to learn about the TANYS performance winners who are now moving up to ESTA!

See you all in Maryland in January 2014 where J&G will be giving away ANOTHER free show,  all materials included, of up to 6 performances!

Ralph Maffongelli directs, and Folkmanis Puppets endorses Bloomin

Ralph Maffongelli directs, and Folkmanis Puppets endorses Bloomin

The Final Approach Restaurant in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin welcomes the J&G Gypsies in the Sapperstein & Murway Classic in the making, Bloomin!  A musical for all ages debuts.

Sheboygan Falls, WI September 18, 2012 – Once again, Ralph Maffongelli and the J&G Gypsies take to the stage to bring Bloomin and all its colorful, musical glory to the stage for Sheboygan area residents.

“Bloomin is one of those productions that is so much more than it first appears at casual glance,” states Ralph Maffongelli, Director.  “The music is phenomenal and the message to audiences is clear … the garden is a fascinating place.  Some might consider the message extremely ‘green’,” Ralph continues.

Starring local favorite, Tamara Richelle Pool as Mother Earth, with Chris Fontaine, Mike Eberhardy, Sue Kaiser, Hilary Mayer and Ty Wesley rounding out an entertaining cast of talented actors to bring Bloomin and characters to life for Sheboygan audiences.  Bloomin also includes Emma Dehne as the Butterfly Ballerina, Steve Thaves as Seedling Mum, Hillary Mayer and Kathleen Beuttenmueller.  With talented Musical Director Janice Westphal, Choreographer Jessica Mueller and talented costume designer Tony Olson, Bloomin is chicken soup for the gardener’s soul.

Award-winning Folkmanis® Puppets proudly partners with Bloomin.  “We fell in love with Bloomin’s social and environmental message, and are thrilled to see the potential for puppets to be represented on the stage, elevating the art of puppetry for all ages in this profound and beautiful production,” states Elaine Kollias, Marketing Director for Folkmanis Puppets.  Learn more about Folkmanis at their website here, http://www.Folkmanis.com.

Tickets are available now and the show goes on stage October 12, 13, 18, 19 & 20 with Matinee’s & Evening performances on the 13th and 20th at the Final Approach Restaurant in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Call 1-855-345-5550 (toll free) for tickets and information.   Box Office is open until 9pm.

The J&G Gypsies, led by Ralph Maffongelli, is a wholly owned subsidiary of J&G Unlimited, LLC a theatrical licensing firm representing the writing and composing team of Judith Sapperstein & Gary Murway.  For additional information, please visit the TLC Scripts website at http://www.TLCScripts.com.

The Final Approach Restaurant serves fine dining at a reasonable price.  The food is exceptional and the menu is expansive, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In addition to their restaurant, they have a Banquet Facility that can handle up to 650 people for weddings, parties, events, conventions and more.  To learn more, please visit http://www.FinalApproachRestaurant.com.

Tracy Byrne, VP, CMO

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