Nora Swan: Murder Most Personal, A Small Cast Drama Murder Mystery Play Licensed


A Dramatic Play, Murder Mystery.  A World War II-era car accident almost destroys Nora by leaving her blind and her husband dead.  In 1951, Nora learns several things about her husband and their accident which send her, with her husband’s friend Dempsey, toward the revelation of long-kept secrets.

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World War II shattered countless lives in countless ways. Most on the battlefield, but then there were the invisible ones. Those who had to do the covert work in order to unearth the secrets.

Richard Swan was one of those. He was murdered in what was set to look like a car accident, in order to keep him from revealing one of those secrets. His wife, Nora, was in the car with him. Nora survived, but was left blind as a result.

Our play opens in 1951 as Richard’s friend Dempsey approaches Nora with the shocking news that Richard was actually in the OSS during the war, what she thought was an accident was, in fact, murder, and she is still a target. Dempsey has narrowed the search down to where he is certain that her enemy is actually one of her closest friends.

Though her head is reeling from it all, Nora must pull herself together and work with Dempsey to uncover the secret and, thus, the murderer. They do so with the help of her Butler, Stephen and her secretary, Selma.

But, as the journey is taken, it seems there are many more secrets to be revealed.

Cast of Characters

  1. NORA SWAN (Age 34) British. Beautiful, sophisticated, and poised.
  2. DEMPSEY (Age 38) American. Ruggedly handsome, with a quiet Calm. He has the look of someone who can handle himself in any circumstance.
  3. STEVEN (Age 40) British. Very proper British Butler. Impeccably dressed and always in good form.
  4. SELMA (Age 40) Israeli/with a British accent. Serious demeanor. Very businesslike. Strongly loyal to Nora but with the appearance of possibly having another agenda.
  5. AVERY BINGHAM (Age 35) British. Good looking aristocratic type. Behaves flamboyantly in order to hide his inner pain.
  6. MARJORIE REMINGTON-SMYTHE (Age 34) British. Very attractive and very flirtatious British sophisticate.
  7. GREGORY WENTWORTH (Age 40) British speaking. Slender, good looking man. Well educated and well mannered. Walks with a limp.
  8. PAMELA WENTWORTH (Age 36) British speaking. Nice looking woman. A bit more modest in dress than the others. Always carries a large purse. Slightly distant.
  9. MAITRE D (Age 35) American. Handsome, slender man, with formal behavior.

Script Sample

Director’s Notes

There are only two sets. The main set is of NORA’S Park Avenue Apartment (Described in the script). The sub-set is of a table setting at a Posh New York Restaurant in 1951.

NORA wears her #1 glasses in the beginning and changes to her #2 (more stylish) glasses when she is at the restaurant with Marjorie. When she is at home, unless specified, she takes them off.

The materials package comes with all the scripts, both pairs of glasses as well as a PRESS PLAY CD that contains all the needed sound effects.

The Director should feel free to contact J&G Unlimited any time in order to speak with the authors regarding any questions or to request any needed changes.

Materials Package

Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 14 Scripts
  • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects

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