Chasing Santa, a Small Cast Comedy Musical Licensed


A Musical Comedy for the Holidays.  Chase Storyman of YMI News gets the story of a lifetime, INTERVIEWING SANTA but he has a little problem, he keeps passing out at the mere mention of Santa’s name.  To top things off, his biggest competitor, Lilac Helowitz (more of a Yom Kippur girl) joins him on the journey.

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CHASE STORYMAN has dreamed of meeting SANTA since he was a little boy and now that he’s an anchorman for YMI NEWS he lands an exclusive interview at the North Pole with SANTA himself.

But, his co-anchor, LILAC HELLOWITZ won’t stand for CHASE being able to get the “interview of the century” on his own. She insists on going with him. Only problem? LILAC is Jewish and really doesn’t get the whole “Christmas” thing.

When they finally arrive at SANTA’S WORKSHOP, CHASE suddenly realizes he has a sort of a problem. He has developed a thing called “Santa on a Pedestal Syndrome” which means that every time he catches sight of SANTA, he hyperventilates and passes out.

But remember… SANTA can solve anything because, after all, he is SANTA!

First, he and LILAC get acquainted and after bringing jewelry into the conversation, they become fast friends.

Then, with the help of BLITZEN, the reindeer, SANTA comes up with a great way to cure CHASE of his syndrome and all is well.

Of course, there are the occasionally convoluted explanations of life and such by the lovable MRS. CLAUS.

And we mustn’t forget our three unusual “ELVES”! RALPH, the 6 ft. Elf Manager… BELLA our elderly but spry “Lady” elf… and “THE NEW KID”. A 12 yr. old little girl.

And, in the end, CHASE gets his interview, LILAC and CHASE actually become friends, and 150 puppies get delivered on Christmas Eve.

What could be bad?

Cast of Characters

  1. CHASE STORYMAN – Male – YMI NEWS Anchor
  2. LILAC HELLOWITZ – Female – YMI NEWS Anchor. Speaks with a heavy “Jewish” accent.
  3. BLITZEN – SANTA’S Reindeer
  4. RALPH – The 6′ Elf Manager
  5. BELLA – Short elderly lady elf
  6. THE NEW KID – 12 yr. old little girl
  7. SANTA – Himself
  8. MRS. CLAUS – Loveable, sweet woman with an unusually high-pitched voice and a “Gracie Allen” demeanor.


I’m A Woman:

The Reindeer Honor Society:


Life Is Better With A Friend:

Bring On The Glitz:

Makin Toys and Christmas Stuff:

I’m All Up A Tree About Christmas:

That’s Why He’s Santa and We’re Not:

Home Never Looked So Good:

Deliver A Little Christmas Spirit:

Script Sample

Production/Director Notes


(See the script for details)

A brief reference set to denote their arrival from outside, in the snow.

The interior of Santa’s residence. (SANTA’S CHAIR, MRS. CLAUS’S chair, and a small table.)

Santa’s Workshop.


Santa wears his Santa pants, boots, a long-sleeved grey T-shirt and suspenders throughout the show. For the last scene, he comes out fully dressed and ready to “take off”.

Mrs. Claus and the elves are self-explanatory.

As for the reindeer (BLITZEN), you can use reindeer costumes but, we encourage a bit of creativity.

BLITZEN – Brown jeans, brown shirt, gold sequin vest or jacket, and gold sequin fedora hat with antlers coming out of it.

The Director should feel free to contact TLC Scripts at (215) 345-0005 any time in order to speak with the authors regarding any questions or to request any needed changes.

Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 20 Scripts
  • 1 Piano/Vocal Score Book
  • 1 Press Play CD

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