Mother Truckers the Radio Show, Small Cast Comedy Play


A Comedic Play.  Maxine and Charlotte are at it again this time in a delightful radio show on station CUNL.  The wacky adventures and mishaps that occur while the girls are on the road will keep you in stitches while the radio show format adds a whole new level of laughter with the inclusion of our Janitor-made Foley Guy.

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Our two “earthy” southern gals, Maxine and Charlotte, are back “on the road again”!

In the original play, we meet the girls right after Maxine’s husband, Nelson’s, funeral. Nelson was a long hauler all his life and winds out having a massive heart attack while on his first run in his brand new Peterbilt truck. Now, Maxine is left with a truck she can’t pay for and can’t sell, or she’ll lose her shirt, as well as a mountain of debt.

Enter Maxine’s sister, Charlotte, who says, “Why can’t we just pick up where Nelson left off?”

And so… they do! And, along the way, Maxine comes to know a whole different “Nelson” than the one she thought she was married to. As a result?… She winds out flushing his ashes down the toilet in the ladies’ room at “Rosie Mae’s Truck Stop” in South Carolina. And… That’s that!

Or is it?

In “MOTHER TRUCKERS – THE RADIO SHOW” the saga continues! Only this time, we get even wackier. This script continues the story of Maxine and Charlotte’s adventures loosely based on an old-time “Radio Show” format (just for fun), complete with a Foley Artist (who is really a janitor) to do all the sound effects… sort of! (Oooops!)

The girls are now pretty seasoned at bein’ long haulers and we find them in six different “episodes” taking them in “six different directions”.

In the characters of MAN and WOMAN, Our ditsy house sitter, Mary Ellen, returns in all her glory and we meet all sorts of new characters along the way including a funeral director and an escaped convict. And, each episode is introduced by a neurotic Announcer who’d rather be anywhere but… here.

What could be more fun?

Cast Of Characters

    1. MAXINE – Mature woman – Lovable “trailer trash” type. The younger sister. A bit needier.

    2. CHARLOTTE – Mature woman – Lovable but tougher “trailer trash” type. The older sister. Always feels like she has to take charge.

    3. MAN – Plays multiple parts as follows:
        1. ANNOUNCER – Gary Owens from “Laugh-In” type. (Suit Jacket)
        2. TONY MASCAPONE (Pronounced Mass-cap-own-ee ) – A hardcore New York truck driver. (Trucker style quilted vest and ball cap with the American flag)
        3. STATE TROOPER – A drawn-out Larry the Cable Guy type. (State Trooper hat and police badge pinned to the shirt)
        4. HENRY MAXWELL (Funeral Director) – Very staunch, formal type. Though from the South, he speaks with a formal almost British accent. (Round metal frame glasses, black tuxedo jacket)
        5. IVAN SOKOLOV – Sinister Russian gangster type. (Plaid wool scarf around the neck, herringbone newsboy hat)
        6. TRUCK DRIVER – Southern Blue-collar type. (Plaid flannel shirt, baseball cap)
        7. MALE FBI AGENT – Government agent with an attitude. (Blue windbreaker with “FBI” on it.
        8. EARL – Forrest Gump type. (Straw cowboy hat)
    4. WOMAN – Plays multiple parts as follows:
        1. MARY ELLEN – “Southern Belle” type. Sweet but knows more than she lets on. (Leopard frame glasses and short leopard neck scarf tied around the neck to the side)
        2. HOOKER – Ditsy girl type. (Pink leather jacket and a pink baseball cap that says, “I(heart) Truckers”)
        3. JOAN – Speaks very “breathy”. Doesn’t have a clue. Good “church-goin’” woman. (White Cotton/Lace collar, headband with a flower on it)
        4. FEMALE FBI AGENT – Government agent type. (Blue windbreaker with “FBI” on it.
        5. DORIS – Southern diner waitress. Salt of the earth. (White bib style apron with flowers or roosters on it. Carries order pad and pencil.)
    5. JANITOR/FOLEY ARTIST – Janitor work clothes.

Script Sample

Production Notes

The Set

The entire play takes place in a “Radio Show” format. There are four 1940’s style microphones on stands along the front of the stage that the actors talk into as if they are on the radio, all the while reading directly from their scripts. There is a table at “stage right” that houses all the “Foley Artist” sound effects objects. The tablecloth over the table has a sign in front of it with a radio call sign reading “Broadcasting live on station C-U-N-L Radio!”

There are two tall stools behind the two center microphones, and two hat racks (One behind “Man” and one behind “Woman”) and a long slender table to accommodate their costume/props/scripts. MAN is positioned at “stage right” and WOMAN is positioned at “stage left” with. MAXINE is centered on the stool next to MAN and CHARLOTTE is centered on the stool next to WOMAN.

The “Foley Artist” handles a lot of the sound effects and is assisted by an “off-stage” tech person for some needed computerized effects. All the wires can be visible, running across the stage to the microphones and speakers, as if they are in the radio sound studio.

(NOTE: The “Foley Artist” gets his name from Jack Foley who invented the process in the early 1920’s.)


MAXINE and CHARLOTTE – Dressed like female long haulers from the South. Should be a little sexy.

WOMAN – Black pants and low cut black tee shirt. Props added from hat rack to identify individual characters. (See Cast List for details)

MAN – Black pants and white dress shirt. Props added from hat rack to identify individual characters. (See Cast List for details)

JANITOR/FOLEY ARTIST – Janitor style work clothes.

Materials Package

Your materials package includes:

  1. 13 Scripts
  2. 1 Press Play CD

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