Fractured Follies



A Comedic Musical Review.  Vaudeville returns to the stage with this tribute to the tried-and-true genre that amused our parents and grandparents.   In addition, there are new skits, songs, and dance numbers written especially in the vaudeville tradition but with a contemporary touch.  Enjoy!!

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By special request from THE ROSARITO THEATRE GUILD, we created a Vaudeville style “Follies”, added our own wacky sense of humor, and created wonderful new scenes and scenarios featuring music from musicals written by SAPPERSTEIN and MURWAY and VOILA!… The “FRACTURED FOLLIES” was born!

Songs like “BRING ON THE GLITZ”… Sung by fireflies with top hats? A tribute to travel with a trilogy of “FLYING”, “DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT CITY WE’RE IN?” (Cleverly choreographed with suit cases), and ending with “HOME NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD”!

Then, of course, there’s “THE WALTZ OF WORDS”. A beautiful waltz number, only… The men are dancing with blow-up dolls dressed in prom dresses. (Oh, come on!… That’s funny and you know it!)

And the “girls” are brought back for an encore in “GIRLS ARE DIFFERENT THAN BOYS”! There’s a great variety of music, too. Something for everybody! For example…

Who doesn’t love a good “Doo Wop” number? We’ve got “MUM’S THE WORD” and a great Latin beat in “GONNA HAVE A PARTY”. Then there’s our beautiful production number done with lights and parasols… “DREAMER” which speaks to all the things we think and wish for.

And… We all love to smile, so we’ll be featuring smiling in, “JUST SHOW YOUR TEETH”. And woven in and out of the whole show are many different comedy sketches to include two rather unorthodox comics who, in keeping with a Vaudevillian way of doing things, conclude their jokes and humorous skits with their own musical number called, “LEAVE ME ALONE”.

A fun-filled musical evening, making little to no sense but, sure to leave you singing and tapping your toes.

Cast of Characters (12)

(An ensemble cast with each playing multiple roles)


FEMALE #1 – Conga Line/Flying/Dreamer/Female #1/Wine Scene/Look For the Silver Lining/Finale

FEMALE #2 – Conga Line/Flying/Party Lines Blonde/Dreamer/Female #2/Wine Scene/Look For the Silver Lining/Finale

FEMALE #3 – Firefly/Little Old Lady (Joan)/Party Lines Spinster/Dreamer/Wine Scene/Look For the Silver Lining/Finale

FEMALE #4 – Firefly/Does Anybody Know What City We’re In?/Home Never Looked So Good/Dreamer/Mum’s the Word/Wine Scene/Look For the Silver Lining/Finale

FEMALE #5 – Yes! We Have No Bananas/Sylvia/Does Anybody Know What City We’re In?/Dreamer/Mum’s the Word/Female Fairy/Look For the Silver Lining/Finale

FEMALE #6 – Yes! We Have No Bananas/Inez/Party Lines Actress/Dreamer/Mum’s the Word/I’m A Woman/Finale

NOTE: FEMALE OPERA SINGER should be chosen by Director according to ability.

MALE #7 – Conga Line/Flying/Handsome Young Man (Steve)/Home Never Looked So Good/Party Lines Businessman/Waltz of Words/Mum’s the Word/Girls Are Different Than Boys/Finale

MALE #8 – Conga Line/Flying/TSA Examiner/Home Never Looked So Good/Waltz of Words/Mum’s the Word/Girls Are Different Than Boys/Finale

MALE #9 – Yes! We Have No Bananas/Conga Line/Flying/Does Anybody Know What City We’re In?/Home Never Looked So Good/Funny Man A/He Didn’t Really Mean What He Said/Funny Man A/Finale

MALE #10 – Firefly/Does Anybody Know What City We’re In?/Home Never Looked So Good/Funny Man B/Girls Are Different Than Boys/Finale

MALE #11 – Firefly/Lloyd/You Made Me Love You/Flying/Home Never Looked So Good/Party Lines Priest/Waltz of Words/Mum’s the Word/Girls Are Different Than Boys/Male Fairy/Look For the Silver Lining/Finale

MALE #12 – Firefly/Ernie/Flying/Home Never Looked So Good/Party Lines Southern Man/Waltz of Words/Girls Are Different Than Boys/Finale

Music Line-Up

Director’s Notes

FRACTURED FOLLIES is offered as a light-hearted throwback to the Vaudeville stage. It is meant to provide an evening of music and laughter that the audience can take home with them and savor.

This fun musical is one of our FLEXICAST FRIENDLY works. It is set to an ensemble cast of only 12 members but, if you wish to broaden the performance to include more people in the cast, it is easy to add to the chorus and dancers in most of the numbers.

The Cast List is provided to assign the different roles in a sequence that allows for a smooth transition to each scene and costume changes, but the director is invited to reassign the roles according to the talent available where needed. Costumes and sets are described in the script at the beginning of each scene.

The sets are minimalist, but if so desired, the sets can be expanded and enhanced at Director’s discretion.

We encourage you to feel free to call us any time at(215)345-5550 and talk to the authors/composers about any concerns, required changes, or anything else. We’re always here to help and happy to hear from you.

We will also gladly provide the show’s artwork upon request in whatever format you may need it. There is no charge for the artwork.

There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the script sample.  From it you can turn the page, enlarge part of the view, expand to fit the full screen, or download the pdf.  If you enlarge to full screen, pressing the ESC key will return you here.

Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 22 Scripts
  • 1 Piano/Vocal Score Book
  • 1 Press Play CD

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