Dancer the Footloose Reindeer, a Small Cast Comedy Musical Licensed


A Musical Comedy for the Holidays.  Ralph the Elf Manager has made a terrible mistake.  Join Dancer the reindeer as he helps Ralph solve his problem while still getting ready for Christmas.

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We always hear about “Rudolph THIS!” or “Rudolph THAT!” Just because Rudolph saved the day ONCE… Everybody tends to forget about the eight ORIGINAL reindeer.

Well? They’re not putting up with it anymore and DANCER is championing the cause. However, he may have taken things a bit too far. His mischief gets out of hand, and he manages to back himself into a corner.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that he takes everybody down with him. Especially Ralph, the Elf Manager. Because of all the chaos, Ralph accidentally clobbers Santa on the head. Santa winds out with amnesia and has no interest at all in climbing into a sleigh and delivering toys on Christmas Eve. Ralph, of course, thinks his career will be over as soon as Santa regains his memory and realizes what he’s done.

In the middle of it all, Santa starts calling Mrs. Claus, “Fee Fee,” and all SHE wants to do is go on a long overdue vacation.

And all of this is being absorbed with total confusion by the two new little elves working in Santa’s Workshop.

Will Christmas happen this year? Of course, it does! There’s ALWAYS a happy ending! And the Music is delightful.

Cast of Characters

  1. DANCER – The Reindeer
  2. RALPH – The Elf Manager. He’s a real curmudgeon. Always grumpy. Never Smiles.
  3. SANTA
  4. MRS. CLAUS – A sweet soul with a “Gracie Allen” type logic.
  5. LENNY – (LENORIOS) – Little girl Elf.
  6. STEVE – (STEVIONAL) – Little boy Elf.


Makin Toys and Christmas Stuff:

Dancer the Footloose Reindeer:

A Trip for Two:

Just Show Your Teeth:

We’ll Find A Way:

Fixer Man:

That’s Why He’s Santa and We’re Not:

I’m All Up A Tree About Christmas:

Dancer the Footloose Reindeer (Reprise):

Script Sample

Production Notes


  1. DANCER – Reindeer Costume (Must have his face revealed to show all facial expressions) Wears black Patent leather tap dance shoes instead of hooves, if possible.
  2. SANTA – Santa Suit
  3. MRS. CLAUS – Matronly, but tidy, house dress with apron, granny glasses on the end of her nose.
  4. RALPH – Elf suit, pointed ears
  5. LENORIOS – Elf suit, pointed ears
  6. STEVIONAL – Elf suit, pointed ears


The set is SANTA’S WORKSHOP. There is a sign on the wall. On the left side edge of the sign, it has a “Candy Cane” red and white pole with a gold finial on the top. To the right of the pole the sign reads:

NORTH POLE ENTERPRISES, K. Kringle, Proprietor
On one side of the stage there is an easy chair for Santa.

On the other side of the stage there is a long table with two chairs behind it. The table is meant to give the appearance of an assembly line. It is used by the elves as their “Quality Control” department.

On one side of the table there is a large basket which is full of toys.

On the other side of the table are two empty baskets.

Sitting on top of the table is a large “Instruction Manual”

Hidden behind the table is a Styrofoam “Sledge Hammer”.

Your Materials Package Includes:

    • 16 Scripts
    • 1 Piano/Vocal Score Book
    • 1 Press Play CD

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