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  • Only In America (Download)


    A Musical Comedy.  Media drives the politics of Presidential Elections!  Wait…not so fast!  Ethel Rupert emerges on the scene with her “rose colored glasses” firmly in place and…the voting public LISTENS!  The biggest surprise comes at the campaign end when the votes are counted!

  • The Freedom Ring (Download)


    The Declaration of Independence has just been signed and Philmore Fothergill makes a commitment to the fight, finding himself in the role of “Spy”. This is a historical piece told around fictional characters that includes intrigue, danger, romance and a little whimsy.  The Freedom Ring is a new look, from a different angle, at an epic tale of the start of The United States of America.

  • Unspeakable! (Download)


    A Powerful Drama.  This is the story of a family with a history steeped in the fire of war and the heartache of loss as they discover the importance of learning who they are by coming to know and understand who and where they came from…No matter how UNSPEAKABLE it may be!