Love and Merger



A Comedic Play.  The genteel and mannerly South gets a humorous remaking as the town of Regal, South Carolina, finds itself with an opportunity for everyone to make money at everyone else’s expense.

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It’s 1995 and the town of Regal, South Carolina is going bankrupt. The town grew up surrounding the Regal Typewriter Company and with the advent of the computer, nobody wants typewriters anymore.

The town founder and owner of the Regal Typewriter Company, Colonel Beaumont, dies of old age and, having no heirs, leaves his entire estate to the town of Regal.

We’re saved!… Or are we?

Through much discussion, it is decided that the seven members of the board have all the experience and talent necessary to turn the factory into a shopping bazaar and the Colonel’s large estate into a posh boutique hotel resort and spa.

Let the greed begin! Each board member now sees an opportunity to line their own pockets.

Then there’s Massoud Habibi. He’s the owner of Habibi Fine Rugs, which always seems to be running a 20% off sale. Masood, being the clever businessman that he is, has his own agenda.

In the middle of it all, there is a secret romance going on that allows for an extra “dipping into the til”. Our romantic duo find themselves hopelessly attracted to each other due to their mutual love of money.

Finally depleting the town coffers of all working capital, the board finds themselves at a Town Hall meeting, having to make an accounting to the town’s people.

Uh Oh! They’ve got themselves backed into a tight corner.

Miraculously, they’re able to announce that there is an anonymous buyer that wants to purchase the Hotel Resort and Spa at a very good price… and quickly. But the townspeople become suspicious when the Council won’t reveal the name of the buyer. Who could it be?

The Town Council finds themselves in fear of arrest and long prison sentences. But, somehow, the whole thing gets turned around and instead of jail… there’s a wedding?

Who knew?

Cast of Characters

Cast Size = 8 + 2 in audience

  • EFREM DAVENPORT – (late 50’s) Distinguished, handsome gentleman. Lavinia’s father.
  • OGDEN LAIME (mid 30’s) – Stuffy businessman.
  • LAVINIA LAIME – (early 30’s) Wife of Ogden Laime.  Beautiful and poised.
  • NEVILLE LAWBENDER – (mid 30’s) Attractive, well dressed Attorney.
  • OTTO DIGBY – (Mid 40’s) Bookkeeper and brother-in-law to Percival Good.
  • PERCIVAL GOOD – (early 40’s) Attractive man.  Inventor/employee.
  • ARCHIBALD PETER – (mid 40’s) A bit portly and disheveled.  Inventor/employee.
  • GAYLORD PINKUS – (mid 40’s) A gangly, dopey looking man.  Inventor/employee.
  • HENRIETTA CARUTHERS – (mid 30’s) Attractive Secretary to Ogden Laime.
  • CLARA – (early 50’s) Maid/Cook. An attractive, dignified, well kept woman.
  • NIGEL LAIME – Adorable 8 year old son of Ogden and Lavinia.
  • TRUDY LAIME – Sweet and petite 10 year old daughter of Ogden and Lavinia.

Production Notes

TIME: 1910, the Industrial Revolution.

PLACE: Boston Massachusetts.


  • The home of Efram Davenport & the Offices of Laime Inventions.
  • The entire play revolves around a single table. When in the home of Efram Davenport, it is covered with a table cloth and is the dining room table. When at the offices of Laime Inventions, it is the conference room table and the table cloth is removed.

NOTE: Please feel free to call J&G UNLIMITED, LLC if you require any alterations to the script in order to accommodate your venue, or any other questions or unusual requirements you may have. We will be happy to put you in touch with the author and they will be more than happy to help.

There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the script sample.  From it you can turn the page, enlarge part of the view, expand to fit the full screen, or download the pdf.  If you enlarge to full screen, pressing the ESC key will return you here.


Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 18 Scripts
  • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects
  • 1 Full Color Daisy Biskitt’s Good Eats’ Cookbook

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