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TLC Scripts is the licensing branch of J&G Unlimited, a company you’ve known for more than 10 years now.

We focus on finding and representing the works of talented playwrights and composers that we believe will help you fill every seat in your house!

Beyond that, we support you through your entire production.  Your success is our priority!

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TLC Scripts currently represents the works of playwrights, Sapperstein & Murway, to theatres throughout the United States, while providing supporting products and services geared toward aiding the theatrical community.
We believe in quality entertainment written for theatre, entertainment that excites audiences and fills seats.  We also believe in supporting those who license works through us from start to finish.  Our playwrights are accessible, easy and fun to work with and we are always open to continually improving what we offer.
TLC Scripts is the theatrical licensing arm of J&G Unlimited LLC.  We promote a culture of fun, family and amazing theatrical experiences.  Our families, our children and our staff are all theatre enthusiasts and/or performers.  We know your needs, we know your challenges and we always strive to help you find solutions!

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We Believe In…


Great Stories

We believe in well written, fun to perform, amazing stories that will thoroughly entertain an audience.  When a work is well written it is a joy to perform and a delight to watch!

Toe Tapping Music

To tapping memorable music that’s easy to pick up and difficult to get out of your head, this is what we believe in!

A Great Time

When your cast and crew are having fun performing a work, you KNOW your audience will love it too!  We’re all in this for the love and fun of it, your audience included.  It should be a great time for everyone!

Aim For Applause

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Get your copy of the daily theatrical digest, Aim For Applause, published on a daily basis by J&G Unlimited.  Aim For Applause covers all things theatre, not just our own news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of us have been involved in theatre at one point or another in our lives and have a deep rooted love of the art of live performance.  We know of the difficulties that can come up when running a theatre and when you strive to provide your audiences with quality entertainment that’s fresh and new.

We do not want to license a work to you … we want to become your partners in theatrical success!  If you have questions, concerns or needs, please just voice them!  You might be surprised when you find the enthusiastic friend on the other end of the telephone line working hard to solve your problems!

Here at J&G, we represent new and original works by playwrights and composers.  Works that we believe will breath new life into the theatrical community and enhance the enjoyment of audiences.

What are your policies on Materials Packages?
You keep the materials packages, we don’t ask for them back.  This saves you a ton of money in shipping fees and a lot of hassle in gathering it all together, packaging it up and going down to your local mail or shipping center to return it!
Do you have sound effects for your works?
Your materials packages, for any of our works, comes with all sound effects and music on CDRom.  We call it “Press Play.”  Every script is annotated with “FX” annotations that tell you when to press pause, and when to press play, for a seamless audio experience.
Do you have ideas on ways to increase our revenue on your shows?
Oh yes.  We provide show specific merchandise that you can sell at your theatre, for extra income during each production.
What about merchandise we don't sell? What then?
Easy … if it’s in its original packaging, you can return it to us for a full refund!  It really is a no risk proposition!

J&G Unlimited has something for everyone!  Comedy, drama, satire … all of your theatre’s needs rolled into one.  J&G was an interactive addition to our last TANYS theatre festival and provided competent answers to all questions that were put forward by our attendees.  See for yourself, invite them to your next festival.  Their positive, uplifting attitude is contagious!

Cynthia Appleton

Theatre Alliance of NY State (TANYS)

Audience members were quickly drawn into the comedy.  “It’s a simple one-set show, just two acts, not too long.  It’s a minimalists’ dream,” Geoff Randall of Methacton Community Theatre said about what makes a play an ideal partner for a dinner.  “It has to be funny.  no one wants to cry during dinner.”  Beckoned into the festivities, the audience was as much a part of the wake as the players themselves and when the cast took out their flasks to toast the late Patty, the audience also raised their glasses and applauded the storytelling.  The audience at Sunday’s performance was not let down; they clapped and cheered as Patty walked among the tables looking for an unattended beer.

Brendan Wills Writer

The Times Herald

I experienced you as gifted big talents with intact and appropriately sized egos – I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help in this.  The cast and I loved Dancer the Footloose Reindeer and we had great fun with it!  Only 2, maybe 3 were singers, but they worked at the songs and with the forces we had, and Dancer being able to act what he lacked in the vocal, it was fun for the audiences.  You’re terrific, Sapperstein & Murway, Thanks Judie!

Steve Wayles

Rosarito Theatre Guild

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