Mother Truckers (Hard Copy)


A Comedic Play.  A brand new Peterbilt truck and a husband’s ashes.  These two things inspire Maxine and her friend, Charlotte, to “hit the road” to find a best final resting place and maybe a new career!

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Maxine and Charlotte are sisters.  Two buxom and full figured women who have worked hard all their lives and never quite gotten out of “Trailer Park” status.  Although they have a tough exterior, they are actually very good people.

Maxine’s husband has just died of a sudden heart attack while he was on the road with their brand new Peterbilt Truck.  Maxine reveals to Charlotte that Nelson’s heart attack could not have come at a worse time.  They just bought the new rig, and Maxine is left in debt up to her eyeballs.

Trying to help, yet feeling at a loss, Charlotte says, “It’s a shame you can’t just pick up where Nelson left off.”  Charlotte, of course does not really mean it, but Maxine suddenly figures…  “Why NOT?”  And so the adventure begins!  And, while they’re at it, they will take Nelson’s ashes with them, hoping to find just the right place to spread them where he would be most happy.

The two women, assisted by Maxine’s lovable yet intensely micromanaging neighbor, Mary Ellen, pack the truck and take off on their first run.  They get off to a bad start by taking a wrong turn and creating a major incident in a “NO TRUCK ZONE,” but soon feel reassured when they meet “Sugar Daddy” on the CB radio followed by Roy McCoy, a strange little guy with very big feet.  Is it true what they say about a man with big feet?

Things get complicated when they meet a hooker named Trixie at Rosie Mae’s Truck Stop.  It seems Trixie knew Nelson quite well and Maxine is not amused.  It now becomes painfully apparent that they have found just the right spot for Nelson’s ashes.  In a roaring fury, Maxine locks herself in the Ladies Room, gives her farewell speech and flushes Nelson down the toilet.  After all, he loved the water, the ladies and Rosie Mae’s Truck Stop.  What could be more perfect?

With Maxine finally reaching “Closure”, the two women climb back aboard their shiny new truck and take to the road with the goal of putting their past behind them and looking forward to what lies ahead.

LOOK OUT… Here come the Mother Truckers. “The road” will never be the same again!

Cast of Characters

Cast Size = 4

  • CHARLOTTE (CHARLIE/CHUCK) – (45 yrs old) (Older sister of Maxine) Full figured Woman.  Tough demeanor, but a sweetheart deep inside.
  • MAXINE (MAXIE) WORMLY – (42 yrs old) (Younger sister of Charlotte) Full figured Woman.  Widow of Nelson Wormly.  MAXINE Comes across as tough and self sufficient, but leans on her older sister somewhat.
  • MAN – (Multiple roles) – Must be a multi faceted character actor able to perform different ages and have an assortment of different voices at his disposal.  He must be very short and thin so that he can perform the part of “Roy McCoy”, a 67 year old retired truck driver.  Short, then, ver light weight.  Has a severe Southern drawl.  He will also play the man at the Funeral Parlour and the “Offstage Voice” of “SUGAR DADDY” in the CB scene.
  • WOMAN – (Multiple roles) – Must be an attractive, multi faceted character actor able to perform different ages and have an assortment of different voices at her disposal.  She plays the woman at Funeral Parlour, Maxine’s 42 year old neighbor, Mary Ellen who is a nervous and hyperactive woman.  Very plain.  She also plays Trixie, a 22 year old Truck Stop Hooker.  A bubble headed girl with a funny voice.

NOTE:  This show only requires a cast of four people, unless the Director wishes to expand the cast into more people to cover some of the “Extra’s”parts.

Production Notes

TIME:  The Present

PLACE: Begins in a small town in Maryland, U.S.A. Then    travels South … “On The Road”


With a cast requirement of only four people, MOTHER TRUCKERS is easy to do in any venue.

The sets are limited and, for the most part, revolve around the two main characters in their “Big Rig” Truck.

Costumes are also easy, since they are contemporary, every day dress.

The most important facet to bringing the show alive is in the lighting and sound.    It is most effective to give the illusion of the engine sounds and movement of the Truck, so with that in mind, J&G will provide a complete CD of all required Sound Effects through our Studio generated “PRESS PLAY” System with instructions notated within the script.

There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the script sample.  From it you can turn the page, enlarge part of the view, expand to fit the full screen, or download the pdf.  If you enlarge to full screen, pressing the ESC key will return you here.


Your Materials Package Includes:

  • 14 Scripts
  • 1 Press Play CD of Sound Effects

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