Bloomin The Musical



Comedy: Take a delightful journey through a year in the life of the garden and its inhabitants supervised by the wise and magical Mother Earth.


CAST SIZE: 32 (Cast members can perform multiple parts.)

If you’ve ever enjoyed a walk through the park, camping in the woods, or just plain sitting outside and enjoying the day, things that grow and the animals at play are what entice you there. Botanists have studied plant life for centuries. The same is true of Zoologists and the study of animals. But, they look at plants and animals from our point of view. BLOOMIN goes right to the source!

With the help of Mother Earth, we are able to take a beautiful, whimsical, musical romp through all four Seasons in the garden. Throughout each Season, Mother Earth musically introduces her flowers, vegetables, and animals as she deals with all their personalities, pranks, and foibles, including mischievous Squirrels, a giant flatulent Pumpkin (he’s fertilizer intolerant), and a… Skunk! And we get to see and hear for ourselves what they are really thinking and saying to each other.

Think about it! Everywhere you turn in a garden there is something different and wonderful. A garden is its own adventure! All gardeners and nature enthusiasts understand this completely. Anyone who’s ever been outdoors is going to recognize something they’ve seen and, through the actions of these wonderful characters, they’ll see and laugh at those things in a whole new light.

Hidden within the pages of this story is a soft environmental message. Not one of doom and gloom, but one that teaches about a garden, how it works and why it’s important and inspiring for future generations to plant things and watch a garden grow.

And that’s why it’s so important to bring children along. Every person of every age will find something about BLOOMIN that they will feel certain was written just for them!

With 14 new and wonderful songs representing nearly every genre from 50’s do-wap to modern love songs, to country, salsa and more, the musical banquet never stops. And it makes sense that they’re all so special and different because… so are the creatures that introduce them.

Enjoy the adventure!


MOTHER EARTH:  A sweet mature woman with a West Virginia accent.  She’s a down home country lady who tries to behave like the aristocracy.  She loves to make dramatic gestures, entrances and exits.  She always tries to maintain a loving smile, but sometimes, her temper flairs.  She’s an Auntie Mame meets Mammy Yokum type.

VIOLET:  (female) Sweet and shy.

DAFFODIL:  (male) Bold and loud.

LILAC:  (female) Pleasant but defensive.

TULIP:  (male) Proud but sometimes pouty.

DOG:  Oblivious to all that is going on around him.

BUG:  An absent minded professor type.

MOON: (male) Sweet and gentle.

FROG:  (male) Happy go lucky.

STARLING:  (female) Soft and lovely.

BIRD #1:  Busy and cheerful.

BIRD #2:  Busy and cheerful.

BIRD #3:  Busy and cheerful.

BUTCH (Squirrel):  (male) A bit bossy … the gang leader.

MORTY (Squirrel):  (male) A bit dopey.

ARGYLE (Squirrel):  (male) Sweet and child-like.

DIRT:  (OFFSTAGE VOICE) (male) Deep baritone voice.  Easy going.

PEPPER:  (male) Sassy.  He’s a Jalapeño Pepper, speaks with a Mexican accent.

EGGPLANT:  (male) Gregarious.  He has an Italian accent.

MISS TOMATO:  (female) A Marilyn Monroe type.  Super feminine.

BUMBLE BEE: (male) A vaudevillian.

WEED: (male) Sinister and looming, a villain.

BUTTERFLY BALLERINA:  (female).  She’s does a ballet number.  She’s lovely and petite.

SEEDLING MUM: (boy) Fun-filled, child-like and inquisitive.

FATHER MUM: (male) Kind and understanding.

BROTHER MUM: (male) Know-it-all teenager.

PUMPKIN: (male) A laid back hillbilly type.

SHANELLE (Skunk): A teenage girl with an attitude.  Valley Girl meets Long Island.

EVERGREEN #1: (male) Strong military type.

EVERGREEN #2: (male) Strong military type.

EVERGREEN #3: (male) Strong military type.

WINTER FAIRY: (female) Exquisite, beautiful and elegant.

There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the script sample.  From it you can turn the page, enlarge part of the view, expand to fit the full screen, or download the pdf.  If you enlarge to full screen, pressing the ESC key will return you here.



  • 30 Scripts
  • 1 Piano/Vocal Score Book
  • 1 Press Play Sound Effects & Music CD


  • For Full Orchestrations

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