We Love Theatre!!!

We’re all about the stage, the lights and the magic!

Digital Solutions

We offer digital download options for not only our perusals, but for materials packages as well.  

Forward Thinking

We offer digital solutions, custom artwork, printed products, sound effects cd’s and merchandise.

Problem Solvers

We love to hear from our clients and work hard to make our work’s, work for their venues and their visions!

Customer Support

You have an issue, we want to solve it!  

Our Story

Each of us have been involved in theatre at one point or another in our lives and have a deep rooted love of the art of live performance.  We know of the difficulties that can come up when running a theatre and when you strive to provide your audiences with quality entertainment that’s fresh and new.

We do not want to license a work to you … we want to become your partners in theatrical success!  If you have questions, concerns or needs, please just voice them!  You might be surprised when you find the enthusiastic friend on the other end of the telephone line working hard to solve your problems!

Here at TLC Scripts, we represent new and original works by playwrights and composers, works that we believe will breath new life into the theatrical community and enhance the enjoyment of audiences.


You Keep The Materials
  • You get to keep the materials we send you.
  • The scripts are conveniently spiral bound with colorful covers, making a collectible for your cast after the show.
  • Your cast is free to mark their scripts up however they like; you don’t have to stress over that.
  • There’s no added expense of photo copying and no added expense for return shipping!
We Provide Sound Effects & Music
  • Each of our works comes with what we call the Press Play CD.
  • The scripts coordinate clearly with bold FX action items so you know when to press play or pause.
  • The CD’s contain all the sound effects and music you need for the show you’ve licensed.
  • No more hunting for and paying extra for the sound effects to put on a great show!!!
We Offer Show-Specific Merchandise
  • Purchase Ancillaries wholesale, sell them retail, make a profit!
  • Ancillaries are tied to the TLC Script you are producing.
  • Increase your revenue potential by offering show memorabelia as your audience exits the theatre.
  • No Risk! You can return unsold ancillaries for a refund.
Professional Sound Studio

We create video productions, record quality soundtracks, design creative presentations and make intriguing sound effects for each production all in our in-house recording studio.

In-House Print Shop

Our commitment to keeping costs low for everyone is never more apparent than with the installation of our own in-house print shop.

Yes, we do all our own printing here and these services are available to you for your productions of TLC works.

Judith Sapperstein

Judith Sapperstein

Playwright, Composer & Thinker of Great Stuff 🙂

Judie has a long history in the theatrical community, a history that includes performing, singing, directing, managing and playwrighting and music composition, and is a huge supporter of the theatrical community!

Gary Murway

Gary Murway

Writer, Composer, Musician & Audio Magician

Gary’s been a performing musician and singer for his entire career, having met and performed with some amazing and rather famous individuals.  His talent with what we hear is something to behold!

Tracy Renee

Tracy Renee

Business Management, Marketing, Art & Printing

With 20+ years of experience in print production, graphic design, marketing and business management, Tracy rounds out the team with the glue that keeps it all moving forward and looking great!

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